Buy Water Bottling Systems Small-bottle filling line Filling equipment integrates washing, filling and cover in one body to achieve the whole process of automatic filling. It is suitable for filling mineral water and purified water in polyester bottle and plastic bottle. The applicable bottle type is adjusted by handle rotation, which is free, simple and convenient. The filling method adopts a new type of micro pressure filling, which makes the filling speed faster and more stable. A programmable controller (PLC) is used to control the automatic operation of the machine Photoelectric detection of the operation of the components can achieve high degree of automation and simple operation. The imported pneumatic components are selected to make the power transmission of the whole machine healthy and low-fault. The problem of centrifugal capping machine is solved by using high-frequency vibration automatic capping machine. Action and detection are microcomputer (PLC) control to achieve intelligent automatic production. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel. It is the best choice for the production of drinking water with such advantages as good design, stable operation, compact structure, simple operation and high accuracy.Buy Water Bottling Systems website: